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Your relationship matters

The Digital Only plan from Datebox makes date night a breeze, and allows you to focus on your boo. The act of spending intentional, consistent, quality time together with your partner is vital to a healthy relationship, and a completely planned date delivered to your inbox is just what the doctor ordered.

Your date guide

Every Digital date comes with a PDF that will walk you through your date. Each date is built around a specific theme, and each element like your activities, playlist, treats, and the PDF date guide will be custom designed to fit that theme. It’s even formatted to fit your phone perfectly, so open it up and you're on your way.

Sometimes your activity or game will require you to print out an additional PDF. Think custom Bingo cards, a scorecard to keep track of who’s winning the heated competition, or an easily readable recipe for those tasty treats you’ll be whipping up

What's Included?

  • Date activities, instructions, and Recipes
  • A Custom Spotify Playlist
  • Converstation Starters
  • Downloadable PDF extras
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Crank up the tunes

Once you’ve chosen a location for date night, we want to help you focus on what really matters. Don’t worry about how you’ll get there or what you’ll talk about, just jump in the car (or on a tandem bike if that’s your thing) and get out there!

We provided quick access to driving directions, a custom Spotify playlist, and endless conversation starters to get the ball rolling.

Ready to try it out?

Date night is important. Like, really important. For only $7.99/mo (cheaper than Netflix!) you can get a fresh new date every month as an investment in your relationship.

No more awkward silences

Look we’ve all been there. Sometimes life can be so busy, the last thing you want to do is spark conversation. Luckily, every Datebox Digital date comes with a set of conversation starter questions to break those awkward silences.

Populate with your preferences

Unfortunately, *most* email inboxes don’t accept messages that have food based attachments. The upside though, is that you can personalize your date with whatever food you want to add. Have a food allergy or some specific dietary needs? No worries, Datebox Digital is perfect for you.

Common Questions

What’s included in our date?

Every date also comes with a complete date guide, custom playlist, & conversation starters so you can get to know each other more.

When you select a Datebox Digital subscription, you’ll get a monthly download with pre-planned date guides, games, activities, recipes, conversation starters, & playlists from Datebox, but in a digital download format.

How’s our date delivered?

Datebox Digital subscribers receive downloadable dates through their user account & email. #technology

How do you know what we like?

Magic. Really though—we’ll ask you a series of questions to learn about your interests, personalities, likes, & dislikes. This helps us curate the perfect date for you.

When will our first date arrive?

Your dates arrive around the 10th of every month. You’ll also receive a free date from us via email immediately after signing up as a thank you for becoming a customer.

Can we cancel anytime?

Yes! Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

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"Love, love, love these thought provoking questions included in the Datebox this month. They certainly got our conversation going."
Shared ByDemi L.New York, NY
"I always love how Datebox gives us something fun & new to do!"
Shared ByMallory G.American Fork, UT
"Homemade ice-cream, living room dancing, and lots of laughing. #getdatebox #loveyou"
Shared ByChristie U.Dallas, TX
“I look forward to our date nights every month! So excited to see what we’ll be doing this time! #getdatebox”
Shared ByBrittany R.Bozeman, MT
“Tonight we did our Datebox and made sushi, created origami, and took time to focus on our relationship."
Shared ByNicole S.Madison, WI

Ready to try it out?

Date night is important. Like, really important. For only $7.99/mo (cheaper than Netflix!) you can get a fresh new date every month as an investment in your relationship.